Gold Coast Spring Water

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Gold Coast Spring Water is a family-owned business that has been supplying bottled water to the Gold Coast for more than a decade. Lyn and David Williams claimed the distribution rights from Palm Springs Australia in 2003 to distribute water coolers and bottled water to the Gold Coast. Neverfail Spring Water Company later bought the company in October 2006; that is when the company changed its name to Gold Coast Spring Water, becoming an agent for Neverfail in the Gold Coast area.

Gold Coast Spring Water delievering water to the Gold Coast
  • Value, Quality and Customer Service

    We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to make sure that we remain ahead of our competition.

  • Conveniently Located

    We are located in the central Gold Coast suburb of Nerang. So, we quickly and easily your orders.

  • Top Health and Safety Standards

    Neverfail Spring Water is sourced from some of the finest protected aquifers in Australia. Our natural springs are selected based on mineral composition, purity levels, and taste.

  • Family Owned Business

    We are a family-owned business with an exceptional commitment to the highest level of customer care. We operate on this basis and run a distribution service that you cannot compare to any other.

  • Leading Producer and Supplier

    Our supplier is the leading producer and supplier of spring water in all of Australia.

  • Premium Quality

    We have built a reputation for ourselves based on the premium quality of the water we deliver, as well as our leading-edge Gold Coast Water Coolers.