Jug-Filled Filters

No need for water deliveries gold coast, because this one has its own built-in filter , simply fill it up at the tap.

Jug-Filled Filtered Water System

This bottle-filled water cooler system is ideal for low consumption homes or business locations. The system is super economical and produces large amounts of great tasting water at a fraction of the price of bottled water. The system uses one bottle that has a built-in water filter. No plumbing required. Simply fill up the bottle at a tap and then put back on the cooler system.


  • Uses one bottle with replaceable built-in filter.
  • Supplies water instantly.
  • No extra bottles required.


  • It can save you hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water costs.
  • The filters are renewed every six months at no extra cost to you.

You don’t pay extra costs for water bottle; simply refill the existing bottle at a tap.

Weekly Cost: $10 (no more to pay)