Our Bottling Process

STEP ONE: Extraction

Spring water is extracted directly from the underground source utilising Neverfail’s state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The extracted spring water is pumped into a stainless steel, food grade tanker (pictured) at the source and transported to a Neverfail bottling site.


STEP TWO: Testing

Each delivery of Spring water is tested for chemical, physical and microbiological quality to ensure purity. Once cleared, the Spring water is stored in stainless steel, food-grade holding tanks prior to bottling.


STEP THREE: Treatment

Our Spring Water goes through a treatment process, including micro-filtration and ozonation prior to bottling.


STEP FOUR: Bottling

Neverfail’s reusable polycarbonate bottles are inspected for condition, odour, colour and foreign matter. Any sub-standard bottles are rejected. The cleared bottles undergo an internal and external ‘hot wash – rinse – sanitise – rinse’ cycle before being filled with Springwater, capped and batch coded automatically.


STEP FIVE: Quarantine

The bottled Spring water is then quarantined for a minimum of 48 hours and only released once all stringent quality control tests have been completed. Once cleared, the bottles of natural Spring water are loaded onto our Neverfail trucks for immediate delivery to our customers via our network of 150 local Distributors (pictured) across Australia.


Our commitment to excellence

4919_abwi_mediumWith over 150,000 customers across Australia, Neverfail Spring water takes pride in offering an exceptional customer service experience, every time. And when it comes to our product quality, there is no exception.

As a founding member of ABWI (Australasian Bottled Water Institute), we aim to ensure that Neverfail Spring water complies with the strictest quality standards for bottled water.

The ABWI Model Code and Plant Inspection Program

The ABWI Model Code and Plant Inspection Program aims to assist bottlers and source owners to achieve a quality product by providing technical direction and quality standards for bottled water production.

ABWI operates a mandatory Plant Inspection Program involving annual, third-party independent audits for members against the Model Code criteria.

The requirements of the Model Code compliment those of mandatory food law as specified in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

This program is supported by the authorised use of a registered logo that may be used by ABWI Certified Bottlers only.

Standard of Excellence

Whilst all Certified Bottlers are required to achieve a pass mark of 70% or higher for the Plant Inspection Program, special recognition is given to those who achieve higher scores.

Bottlers who achieve a score of 90% or above achieve an Order of Merit.
Bottlers who achieve a score of 95% or above achieve the highest Standard of Excellence.
Neverfail Spring water is proud to have achieved the ABWI Standard of Excellence rating, at each of its bottling sites across Australia six years in a row (2003-2008).

Additional Quality Standards

In addition to ABWI quality certification, Neverfail’s bottling plants and quality systems are also independently audited against Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Coca-Cola Quality System (TCCCQS – Evolution 3) standards