Custom Labeled Water Bottles

Wrap your custom logo, design, or text around one of our 350 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml, or 1.5 litre bottles of pure Neverfail Spring Water. As the leading Gold Coast supplier of private-label bottled water for more than 10 years, we can ensure the highest end product quality and fast delivery Australia-wide with every single order.

 Our water bottle labels are printed using the latest digital imaging press, which uses harmless chemicals. You can be sure that our promotional water bottle labels are also 100% waterproof, which is why they don’t come off the bottle even when they are soaked in icy water. We also use sleek custom water bottles. Together with plastic labels, they are the favourite of our many upscale customers.

Custom water bottles for the Gold Coast
Custom water bottles for the Gold Coast

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Personalised water bottles are a great way to promote your business day to day and at events.

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Custom Water Bottle Labels

350ml Personalised water bottles with custom logos

The most popular bottle size is 500 ml. It is a more petite bottle, can be carried in a purse, and is available in clear or black caps

The water you order always tastes better when it has your logo on it, especially if it has come from Gold Coast Spring Water. Having a stylish-looking water bottle and a creatively designed logo are only two of the many reasons to choose Gold Coast Spring Water to do your custom private-label bottled water. The most important aspect is, of course, the purity of the water we bottle. Our Gold Coast Spring Water is bottled at a purity level of 1.2 ppm; this makes our water among the purest that you will ever get in the market, anywhere in the world.

Different bottle sizes and shapes

600ml custom water bottles Gold Coast

Round and Square shaped bottles with clear caps and personalised labels

We produce different sizes of Gold Coast Bottled Water and pack them in recyclable BPA-free bottles. Since we care about conserving our planet, we use 100% recycled plastic bottles. We have a state-of-art bottling plant that handles all orders, large and small. It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering a truckload of private-label bottled water, only five cases of custom water bottles, or anything else in between; we are always ready, willing and available to process your order at the most competitive prices with a fast turnaround.

Quality Label Printing

350ml Personalised water bottles with custom logos

The most popular the 500 ml is a more petite bottle, can be carried in a purse and are available in clear or black caps.

We create waterproof and scratchproof labels that will hold up for days without any sign of wear-out. We print our standard labels on a pressure-sensitive laminated white stock. We also offer metallic and clear labels. We have a standard price for all label colours, so you won’t be restricted to any specific shades.