Plumbed In Filtered Water Systems


Plumbed In Filtered Water Systems

This plumbed water filter system supplies an endless amount of tasty, refreshing and refrigerated water. The system is perfect for any office or workplace that consumes large quantities of water. Unlike other water systems, it requires no bottle, replacement or filling up. Just set and forget. Gold Coast Spring Water will do the rest.

  • It can save $100s of dollars a year on purchasing bottled water. The system can produce 12 litres of cold water every hour so you never run out.
  • The system is cleaned and filters renewed every six months
  • They simply get plugged into a tap and power supply and they are ready to go.

Weekly cost: $15 (no more to pay)


  • Filters exchanged and cleaned every 6 months at no extra cost
  • 12 Litres of Icy cold water can be supplied every hour (that huge)
  • Unlimited water
  • No bottles required
  • Water tastes great
  • Designed for offices
  • Twin filters mean 99.5% impurities are removed from the water