from $15.00 for Neverfail Coolers and $40.00 for customer owned coolers.


It is important to ensure that bottled water Gold Coast Coolers are cleaned and disinfected routinely. Based on our experiences of renting, servicing, repairing and sanitising water coolers your water cooler should be professionally sanitised every six to twelve months.

Not having your water cooler sanitised will result in dirt particles accumulating inside your water cooler with bacteria and germs and other floating particles being transferred into the water you drink.

Even in the cleanest workplaces and homes, bacteria and germs will develop in your water cooler through everyday use. This affects the quality and taste of your bottled water Gold Coast. As a supplier of spring water Gold Coast we keep proper maintenance records so as to make sure that all our water coolers are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

all our water coolers are cleaned and sanitised regularly. 3 good reasons why sanitising your water cooler makes good sense!

As our customer who rents a Neverfail water cooler for $15.00 we will replace your dirty water cooler with a freshly sanitized and clean Neverfail water cooler.

Customers who own there own water cooler or have brought a water cooler privately from some one also thats fine we will still clean and and sanitize your water cooler for $40.00. We also do repairs and clean customers own coolers filters and bubblers.

For just $40.00 we’ll remove and flush the taps and sanitize the internal parts to remove environmental dust.

Plus we’ll also flush the water reservoir to remove bacteria, clean and sanitize the exterior cabinet and vacuum it inside so your water cooler will operate like new.

  • Maintain optimum health and vitality – Apart from having peace of mind that your water cooler is bacteria and germ free a water cooler sanitization service means you’ll be maintaining the quality and life-time use of your water cooler!

    Free water cooler sanitization pick up and delivery – As time is the most precious commodity you have we’ll come and pick up your water cooler and leave a loaner cooler and deliver your cooler back to you at no extra char